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We offer our clients guidance and management as well as overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs. Specialty areas of direction are 

•       Review and offer suggestions to client’s current employment and compliance to regulatory concerns;  

•       Review and offer suggestions to client’s current organization development;  

•       Review all clients performance management and improvement systems;  

•       Review and offer suggestions to client’s current policy development and documentation;  

•       Offer recruiting and staffing suggestions;  

•       Conduct employee orientation, staff development, and staff training processes;  

•       Review and offer suggestions regarding improved employee relations;  

•       Review and offer suggestions and architectural designs regarding clients organizational and          space planning;  

•       Review and offer suggestions regarding client’s employee and community communication;  

•       Review client’s company-wide committee meeting structure, offer facilitation services;  

•       Review and conduct employee safety, Cal/OSHA, HIPPA compliance, Corporate Compliance          classes;  

•       Offer employee services and counseling  

•       Offer compensation and benefits administration package;  

•       Encourage employee charitable giving; 

•       Offer employee discount benefits (hotels, theme parks, travel, telephone services, etc)